Cardio Kills Gains

Recently, I went on a very short lived stunt of going to the gym. I tell you, exercise is not my thing and I always battle with the constant dilemma of why work out when you can nap? Although I was not big into the gym rat stuff, my buddy who I was going with however lived for the gym. He started bulking and as I discovered more about bodybuilders (although still only just touched the surface) I realized that too get big, you must bulk. This is not far off of what I think fish do. In this blog I will ramble on as to why you see us throwing these 8-12” streamers (most people say they do, pull out a tape and measure your flies) and why we do not only go one for a million casts on god forsakenly large boys but actually catch fish of all size ranges.

            If you are anything like me, I would rather make one trip to the fridge, load up on as much food as possible and hunker down back on the couch as opposed to making many trips back and forth to and from the fridge. Same thing goes for fish; sure they could eat 10 sticklebacks that swim by them during the day wasting time and chasing around baitfish, but if a 10” sucker rolls by, that’s one meal to do them in for a day or two even. Now of course you wouldn’t fish a 10” to rainbow trout but bull trout, I have trouble throwing anything else. Once again by 10”, I mean 10”. That’s usually a hook, two 40mm shanks, another hook, a small shank for a tail and finishing off with a Flymen® Fish Skull or Fish Mask (be sure to check the local regulations that two hooks are allowed). If you follow us, I am sure you have seen some of our flies hanging out of fish’s mouths, but we will attach some flicks for you to see.

            Now moving on from bull trout, I will expand a little on esox. I’ll be the first to admit that I have very limit experience with pike of any size but I have caught many little pike on big flies which goes to show they will eat basically anything, or at least piss them off enough to invoke a defensive response. I had originally tied my pike flies on 6/0 ultimate predator hooks which are huge, even having people seriously ask me if I am fishing for sharks. My pike flies are heavily influenced by European pike fisherman that involve a lot of flash. My flies are big fly fiber, flashabou, bucktail and usually a marabou collar finished off with a Flymen® Fish Mask. These are big ugly flies that push water and bring strikes out of anything that sees them swim by.

            I am sure many of you are thinking that this is ludacris but let me bring my post back full circle with my body building reference I made at the beginning. To get big, you must first bulk. This is done by eating as much as possible while expending as little amount of energy possible. This applies to fish as well; fish need big meals and a lot of energy to grow to the trophy size that haunt all of our dreams. These fish will rather hunt down one big meal and be fed for a day or two rather than allocating their time to chasing around smaller prey and expending more energy in the capture. As all bodybuilders know, cardio kills gains and to be a top predator in any sort of water, size can make all the difference.