Headed to the Great White North, Eh?

Tickets are finalized for my next trip, I am heading to the Yukon! I live in residence at the University of Alberta (Lister life) and live on the same floor as a kid who lives in the Yukon. He had always fished and did some fly fishing but it is not very big in the Yukon. We became very close friends and I took him fly fishing at a local pothole lake where he caught a 17” rainbow. Since then he’d been hooked (haha…get it?). He even bought stuff to tie with which has become our favorite stress relief for exams. He eventually invited me to come stay at his place this summer and we have been tossing the idea around for a couple months now.

The trip is finalized now for May 18th – June 1st, which hopefully is just around ice-off and the fish will be HUNGRY! We plan on targeting Grayling which inhabit many of the rivers that wind through the vast Yukon wilderness, big pike in the shallows (he knows locals who have caught many 45”+ pike) and maybe even Arctic Char in some stocked lakes. The species I am most excited to target though is Lake Trout. When I get there, they should be in shallow water and able to cast to from shore, chasing schools of bait fish that can’t handle the cold depths yet. They also live in many of the river systems as well, feeding on the Grayling so that presents another opportunity to catch them. As mentioned earlier, there is not much for fly fishing in the Yukon as the whole territory only has 30,000 inhabitants. This means there isn’t a huge amount of fishing pressure in total and I am very interested to see how the fish react to giant bull trout flies and 12” pike streamers.

Jeremie and Sam head south for tarpon and sunshine while I head north to vast wilderness and untouched waters. Its exciting to see us extending our boundaries as a group and cannot wait for the upcoming year. I will be posting after my trip (probably more than one post as I will be fishing there almost every day for two weeks) so keep a look out for things to come!