Two Things you are Never Late for; Fishing and Work.

I can imagine if you're reading this, it wasn’t work that you would be concerned we were late for. The night before we headed out, Jeremie decided to bail and not stay at my house (girl problems I imagine) so I decided to stay up all night with my floor and watch some cricket. If you have never watched cricket before, it is actually intense and makes for a good time. Anyways, 5 am rolls around I still haven’t gone to bed and where’s Jeremie? Still in bed, great. Finally he gets to my place about 5:30 and we head out to pick up the third musketeer. Roll up to Sam’s place, call him and wouldn’t you know it, he’s still in bed. Off to McDonalds and Esso we go while we wait for Sam. We finally get on the road about 6ish, about an hour behind schedule but that’s just the way she goes. The drive was pretty uneventful for me as I just crushed zzz’s.

                I didn’t have a parks licence so we stopped at this small hotel/trading post beside the road and they don’t sell licences apparently, way to go Jer, really killing it on this trip. We finally get to Jasper, get my licence bought and head to the river. The first hole was uneventful as far as fishing goes, but me and Sam set up “camp” and made coffee and noodles on a Jetboil. That was pretty much just as good as a fish, even though the coffee was weak and the noodles went cold quick. The next hole we drove to we expected to see people, but fortunately for us there was nobody there. After about 10 minutes, Jeremie ties into one and gets the first fish of the trip. A nice chrome, silver fish, around 22”. After about 45 minutes, we packed up and moved on to the next place. This hole didn’t look overly fishy as it wasn’t very deep, but there were some big boulders in the depths, perfect for a predator to ambush behind. We had a double header of some juvenile 20" Bulls in this run, which will be in the video we are planning on making of this trip. The rest of the day was just like any other trip, grab some greasy fast-food burgers, a couple beers and head to the hotel.

                Monday morning kind of got off to a slow start. Everyone was tired from the very minimal sleep the night before. We finally rolled out of bed, got some breakfast and headed out to the river. We actually got to the river later this day than the previous even with a 4 hour drive. The first pool we stopped at was right off the highway and Jeremie plugged 4 fish right off the bat and I missed another. I was fine with my fish getting off though, it was maybe all of 12" but went into battle with an 8” white T-bone. After that pool though, we saw one more fish near the end of the day, that was originally thought to be a snag. That’s winter fishing though, either you find them all pooled up or you don’t find any usually.

                Getting away from everything and loosing myself in the mountains was something I really needed. School was rough and really just needed a break which I definitely got on this trip. Hilarious times with the boys are what fishing is really about for me and the expansion of the mountains which seem to cut you off from the rest of the world is something very unique.